Best Songs From Miley Cyrus's Bangerz


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1 Wrecking Ball

Best song ever. Can't just get off from my head. Make me cry and yes I cried when I saw the video first time. Love you Miley

No they don't suck maybe your wrong

When you listen to this song you can see feeling behind

Best song ever

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2 Adore You

Okay I am not a fan. I really hate her one of song from bangerz. That is we can't stop. Wrecking ball is good but video is nude. But honesty this song is best of all. Video, music, lyrics everythink is awesome. Not a fan. Just wanna say "Miley you are a very good singer just don't act so crazy.

Have you check the lyrics of this song? Genius

I adore this song

This song inspires me a lot. Every time I hear and think people are really helpless without love.
@When you say love me
Know I love you more
When you say need me
Know I need you more
Boy I adore yyyoouuu! ~♡

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3 Someone Else

It's my favorite song in the album hands down. Her vocals are amazing and the song is incredibly sad and relatable.

Its good with lyrics

I love this song. It's my favorite I hope there is
Someone else in the world who agrees with me . I think many smiler didn't hear it. They should.


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4 We Can't Stop

Cool and a best party song ever. Not so overplayed. Whenever I listen it I am like singing and dancing. I am totally love with this song. Yeah!

I love 'Adore You' but this deserves to be higher. This song started Bangerz.

We can't stop we won't stop loving it


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5 Do My Thang

Come on guys! She can use any words what she like. In fact I love this song. Much better than we can't stop.

I love this so much

This song is great! - iggyjepsen

Should be number 4 on this list sooo good

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6 Maybe You're Right

I love this song after wrecking ball. This song really deserve in no 2.

After wrecking ball this is my favorite song. ENERGETIC, powerful AND EMOTIONEL song. Lyrics is awesome. Really Miley's most of the songs are meaningful. And inspire me so much.

Love this song so much by far her best!


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7 Fu

best song.


8 Drive

Why Isn't This Higher? The Beat Is Amazing, The meaning is the best on the album and her vocals slay! - MotherMonster

I love her voice. So catchy

9 Rooting for My Baby

This song is so catchy and
Awesome My body begins to dance
When I listen this song. I can't stop
Listening to this song.

No.. No. No.. No. Noo
This song shouldn't so down. This is one of her best song from Bangerz. Loving it.. Mwaahh


10 Hands in the Air

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So damn sexy song! Wanna get laid.. x) probably the best song on her new album

12 Love Money Party
13 SMS (Bangerz)

Not her best but I love this song because my two favorite singers sing bangerz. I wish if she make the video it would be so fun and great.

Every time I listen to this song, it makes me wanna dance. Love this song!


Oh my! My!
My two fàvorite singer just rocked it. Love them both.
Mikey Cyrus Feat Britney spear💋❤

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14 On My Own


15 My Darlin'

Awesome song.. Just love it. - smiler

Why? This songis real good

16 4x4

I love this song so much


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1. Maybe You're Right
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