Best Songs from Moon Tooth's Chromaparagon

Chromaparagon is the debut studio album by independent American Progressive Metal band Moon Tooth, released in 2016.

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1 White Stag White Stag

This song honestly gives me some early Devin Townsend vibes, particularly due to the guitar tone used having each note be drawn out, with slow paced riffs repeating for as long as they can feasibly be used before growing boring. This is by far my favourite song on the album, being atmospheric and simply sounding great in general, showing a much more pleasant side of a band that has almost exclusively been focusing on making incredibly intense songs, making it quite a great way to close off the album. - kempokid

2 Belt Squeezer Belt Squeezer

The vocals here are really great, another song with a lot of diversity to them. I love the riffs and the more fun aspects of the song, particularly the chorus, which is just a great deal of fun. The solo is also one of the best that the album has to offer. - kempokid

3 Offered Blood Offered Blood

The stop-start riffing is quite interesting sounding, with the strange vocal melodies over the top making it sound even more entertaining. The spoken word section sounds great as it transitions back into the main riff of the song, and the song's sense of rhythm in general is quite interesting. - kempokid

4 Vesuvius II

This song picks up the pace slowly throughout, still being more subdued and subtle than most of the album, with far less bombast to them. The female vocals that come in are a cool surprise, and the urgency that was present in the first part of this song becomes more prominent, this time around actually leading to a massive climax of the song, with an incredible breakdown with some of the most brutal vocals on the album. - kempokid

5 Queen Wolf

Strong, heavy riffs combined with a variety of vocal styles throughout, ranging from soaring, powerful notes, to intense screaming. The lighter part at the halfway mark is also extremely good. - kempokid

6 Chroma

Definitely one of the less all over the place songs, sticking closer to a single tempo, along with being more conventional in how it sounds, particularly with less out there vocal melodies. - kempokid

7 Little Witch

I love the transition between the opening riff and when the band picks up the pace and turns the song into garage rock, complete with much looser playing of instruments and a rawer tone to the vocals. - kempokid

8 Forgive Me Snake Ryder

This one is slightly strange to me, definitely great in terms of the heavy distortion on it and the way the song will drop out for a couple of seconds, before starting up again, to the point of it sounding like they are being counted in each time. The more quirky moments such as the brief string section. - kempokid

9 Igneous

This song has a slight blues edge to parts of it in terms of melody, even though the sound itself is quite different to what would be expected. I love how the song, despite being at a constant mid tempo, builds itself quite well, not necessarily getting more intense, but more powerful. - kempokid

10 Death and the Vibrant Architecture of Rebirth

This is another song that changes up extremely often, but also definitely has a larger focus on melody compared to the rest of the album. Pretty decent all around - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Vesuvius I Vesuvius I

A lighter, more upbeat song, with some vocal harmonies which before this point on the album, were used very sparingly. The song has some underlying sense of urgency to it that is particularly noticeable when everything slowly creeps up in terms of pitch, to the point where is sounds as if it will explode, before slowly dying down. - kempokid

12 Bats in the Attic

I love everything about this 2 minute instrumental tune, from the opening spooky sounding guitar to the energetic drumming, it's just simply a great tune all around. - kempokid

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