Best Songs from Motorhead's Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death is the 18th studio album by Motorhead, it was recorded at
Paramount Studios and NRG Studios, Hollywood, California and at
Maple Studios, Costa Mesa, California released on August 29th, 2006 through Streamhammer.

Kiss of Death was the second album Motörhead recorded with producer Cameron Webb and continues the heavy, blistering sound evident on the band's previous album Inferno.

Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


Credits adapted from the Kiss of Death liner notes.

Lemmy – lead vocals, bass

Phil Campbell – lead guitar

Mikkey Dee – drums C. C. DeVille – guitar solo on "God Was Never On Your Side"

Mike Inez – additional bass guitar on "Under The Gun" Zoltán "Zoli" Téglás – additional backing vocals on "God Was Never On Your Side"

Cameron Webb – producer, mixing, engineer

Bob Kulick – producer ("Whiplash")

Bruce Bouillet – producer ("Whiplash")

Sergio Chavez – additional engineering

Kevin Bartley – mastering

Motörhead – executive producers

Lemmy – sketches and handwriting

Steffan Chirazi – creative direction

Mark Abramson – art direction and design

Robert John – photography

Michael Shreiber – Latin translation

Joe Petagno – album cover, Snaggletooth References

The Top Ten

1 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

This is a rerecord of the song from 1916 (album) - christangrant

2 God Was Never on Your Side
3 Whiplash

Bonus Metallica cover, who would of thought Metallica's idol would cover not one but two of their songs (the other being Enter Sandman) - christangrant

4 Sucker
5 Trigger
6 Devil I Know
7 Kingdom of the Worm
8 One Night Stand
9 Sword of Glory
10 Living in the Past

The Contenders

11 Going Down
12 Christine
13 Under the Gun
14 Be My Baby
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