Best Songs from Motorhead's Motorizer

Motörizer is the 19th studio album by the band Motörhead, released on August 26th, 2008 on Steamhammer, their 11th with the label and their last.

As with all their albums since 2004's Inferno, it was Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Cameron Webb in California. Though the bands spends most of the year somewhere on tour together anyway, Philip and Mikkey have mostly recorded in the US when doing Motörhead albums, as Lemmy doesn't really travel unless touring since relocating. His age and health eventually made this the norm for the band, and so this album was done the same as the last few, with a few weeks over a few months practicing, then into the studio for recordings. The format has served the band well enough over the years, as they generally brush off comments about their sound, that doesn't alter much each album by this stage in their careers, a formula they have been happy with.

Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal



Lemmy – lead vocals, bass

Phil Campbell – lead guitar

Mikkey Dee – drums

Wesley Mishener - slide guitar on "The Thousand Names of God"


Cameron Webb – producer, mixing, engineer

Sergio Chavez – assistant engineer

John Lousteau – assistant engineer

Wesley Mischener – assistant engineer

Josh Bierly – assistant engineer

Kevin Bartley – mastering

Lemmy Kilmister – cover concept and inside Digipak art

Robert John – photography

Mark De Vito – illustration

Steffan Chirazi – creative direction

Mark Abramson – art direction, graphic design

Misty & Deve – Models (centre spread)

The Top Ten

1 The Thousand Names of God
2 Rock Out
3 (Teach You How To) Sing the Blues
4 Runaround Man
5 When the Eagle Screams
6 Buried Alive
7 Time Is Right
8 One Short Life
9 Heroes
10 Back On the Chain

The Contenders

11 English Rose
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