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1 Reapers

Easily the best. Handler 2nd probably, and I'm kinda glad Dead Inside is so low on the list, good song but overplayed to death and weak compared to the others.

This song is just awesome! I just heard it and I am now hooked! - Songsta41

Sweet and juicy guitar riff! - UniqueUniverse


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2 The Handler

One of the most interesting, heavy, memorable and overall fun tracks off of this record - UniqueUniverse

It's one of those songs I had to listen to a lot to like. I like it but my favorite is dead inside.

This album is trash but Handler is good

That bassline! - Userguy44

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3 The Globalist

They did it. Their "10 minute Prog-Rock nightmare." And. It. Is. GLORIOUS.

I was excited to finally see a ten minute Muse song - until it didn't get as heavy as I hoped it would. - Songsta41

Honestly this track is so beautifully crafted. Not too heavy, not too soft and was really a compilation of all that made Muse so great throughout the years.

Why is this song only 3rd not 1st and why is revolt below aftermath?

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4 Defector

The only truly great song on Drones that is up to Muse standards before they went all Abba on us. What a solo, and that intro guitar riff is so powerful, goosebumps with the JFK epic intro right before it.

If only the entire album was up to the quality of Defector... - Bicyclerepairman

This is one of the best songs on the album it sounds amazing the only set back is that the lyrics aren't very good but it's still amazing - Quart

Catchy and memorable tune, but so primitive lyrics - UniqueUniverse

5 Dead Inside

Drones is a bad album. Muse must certainly work more on their lyrics, they seem poor. Dead Inside is the only song that I find listenable. I also like the music video.

Very underrated song that gets better as the track goes on and one of the best experimental songs by Matt and his voice isn’t irritating in it either

6 Psycho

This song sucks, the lyrics are dumb and juvenile and the music is generic and crap, this was the worst song on the album, Drones is in my opinion Muses 2nd best album how is this number 1? - Quart

What a psychopathic track - UniqueUniverse

My favorite song from this album! Music is awesome!

Pure raw energy!

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7 Mercy

Drones is a very odd album. It's half hard rock and half soft rock. This however is the track that seems to blend these two genres together best. It's also easily the best written and most original song on the album.

Why is Mercy so far down? This was the BEST song of the album. People rave about Reapers and The Handler, but this song outclasses them by years. And what's wrong with it having traces of Starlight? Starlight was amazing!

Never though about it bearing similarity to Starlight but to me it's just a few steps away from Revolt with the chorus vocals.

This song is very good and I love it - Quart

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8 Aftermath

The bass line makes me think of early Coldplay.

Sporting a U2 "One" sound-alike riff, Aftermath most clearly defines the album. While the other songs in Drones are about revolution and loss, Aftermath defines what Matthew Bellamy himself proclaimed the meaning of Drones - the need for human empathy. - kanadesong

Aftermath is the best track on this album, the guitar riff sounds so good!

Could have been great... the chorus ruined it for me.

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9 Revolt

This was probably my favorite song! Don't understand why it gets so much hate! Defector was brutal! That song is over rated!

By far the most forgettable song of the album. - UniqueUniverse

Hey muse makes a 90's sitcom theme the song - Quart


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10 Drones

Childish and immature song. Grow up.

Never would I expect na a capella song on Muse album - UniqueUniverse


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11 JFK

It just has so much meaning packed into a one minute song, certainly one of Muse’s best.

12 Drill Sergeant

This isn't a song! It's the intro to psycho!

Hey this is the best song!


Great guitar riff, awesome instrumental parts (look at the violin), nothing else to say... oh wait, this isn't a song... ahahah

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