Best Songs From My Chemical Romance's Conventional Weapons

The Top Ten

1 The Light Behind Your Eyes

This is such a beautiful song. If they would have released this as their last song, it would have been so fitting. And I would've cried more. This song always helps cheer me up when I'm sad.

No need 2 explain. Just listen to the lyrics and the melody. This song should've been the last song on Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, it would've been the perfect goodbye song

This is an extremely beautiful song and of-course I've cried whilst listening to it.

This song made me cry the first time I heard it love My Chemical Romance 4 ever

2 The World Is Ugly

I love how they incorporate the end of "Vampires will never hurt you" into the end of this! For all the fans that stuck with them from the beginning!

This really makes me feel happy and helps me to not be depressed. It has such a wonderful meaning and I love it!

This song is so true there are many people out there who have something to live for so live it up and never give up

The final part is so emotional and it's as if My Chemical Romance are saying it to us, the fans

'Stop your crying, helpless feeling
Dry your eyes and start believing'

3 Boy Division

My fave My Chemical Romance song of all time it really brought me up during a tough time and deserves to be #1 on this list and at least top 10 in the list of all time beat songs.

Very much shared the same angst feel that made My Chemical Romance popular in the first place

This song always stood out to me from the rest of the songs on this album. I just really like it.

Just a kick ass anthem that reminds me what My Chemical Romance

4 Burn Bright

Determined and angry. Best song on the album

5 Ambulance

One of my top ten My Chemical Romance songs

Such a beautiful and meaningful song

6 Kiss the Ring

1. Kiss the ring
2. The light behind Your Eyes
3. Ambulance
4. Boy division
5. The World is Ugly
6. Burn bright
7. Tomorrows money
8. Gun.
9. Make Room
10. Surrender The Night

This song is so damn catchy. The best by a decent margin.

This song makes me want to punch everything

This song makes me want to punch everything in the face. in a good way - Pagepage21

7 Surrender the Night

This should be on the top 3, only behind the light behind your eyes and the world is ugly. What the hell is it doing down here?

Every time I listen to this song, I want to cry. It has a very emotional and passionate feel to it.

Whaaat? This is the best one.. :(

8 Gun.

My favourite song on the record!

9 Make Room!!!!

Amazing! First song I heard from the album

So amazing. Gun is just annoying and repetitive, AMBULANCE is amazing and the rest are... OK!

10 Tomorrow's Money

Wait, what? This should be in like the top 3! - Boi

What the heck this should be in top 5

Tomorrow's Money is amazing. Just... I'm I'm awe. Whenever any of this album plays, I get chills. But ESPIECIALLY the begging of tomorrow's money had me going.

Why is this so low lol

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