Best Songs from Neil Young's Freedom

The Top Ten

1 Rockin' In the Free World

The only thing Neil Young, as a Canadian, needs to know about rocking' In The Free World, is that without the U.S.A. that he and his "artistic" ilk so love to bash, there would be no free world, and Mr. Young wouldn't have been riding the gravy train for nearly 50 years, largely at the expense of Americans with poor hearing.

2 Eldorado
3 Crime In the City (Sixty to Zero Part. 1)
4 Don't Cry
5 No More
6 Rockin' In the Free World (Acoustic)
7 Someday
8 Wrecking Ball
9 Hangin' On a Limb
10 Too Far Gone

The Contenders

11 On Broadway
12 The Ways of Love
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