Top Ten Songs from Nickelback's All the Right Reasons


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1 Savin' Me

Greatest song by Nickelback in this outstanding album, the song is very catchy and awesome lyrics. Hey!

This song is addictive, the lyrics are very good, the guitar sounds amazing and the band is always awesome!

This song has the best intro, lyrics are outstanding and the solo is fckin awesome! One of the best nickelback songs

2 Rockstar

This list is completely retarted

3 Far Away

If you thought "Frozen" from Within Temptation was a tearjerker, this song will pound you in the face!

4 If Everyone Cared

Love this song. It just shows there is a different side to Nickelback than singing about alcohol and parties. My favorite thing about this song is that in the music video they show our countries hero, Nelson Mandela and all he has done for us South Africans - Danielsun182

5 Photograph

Number one should be Burn it to the ground. The theme to WWE Raw. It's the only one I've ever heard and the only one I'll ever want to hear. Put that one on here somewhere, or there's no list at all. Just saying. - morrisonfanone

I'm not the biggest fan of wrestling but I'm almost certain that Photograph was not used in WWE - Danielsun182

6 Animals

This is one of the best songz I have ever heard x

7 Side of a Bullet

This song is a tribute to Dimebag Darrell it even uses a unused solo track from him - christangrant

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9 Someone That You're With
10 Follow You Home

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11 Fight for All the Wrong Reasons
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