Best Songs from Nickelback's Dark Horse

The Top Ten

1 Burn It to the Ground

This is great rock song from them it just puts you on legs when you hear it! They did a great thing in this one! Tis song is one of there best!

Their best song - christangrant

2 Something in Your Mouth

Fun lyrics, beast of an intro and overall it's a perfect song about sexuality

3 Gotta Be Somebody
4 Just to Get High
5 If Today Was Your Last Day

11. Shakin' Hands
10. Just To Get High
9. Next Go Round
8. Id Come For You
7. Never Gonna Be Alond
6. S.E.X.
5. Gotta Be Somebody
4. Something In Your Mouth
3. Burn It To The Ground
2. This Afternoon
1. If Today Was Your Last Day

6 Never Gonna Be Alone
7 Next Go Round
8 I'd Come for You
9 Shakin' Hands

I wish being the girl next door I could make six figures a year...

10 S.E.X.

The Contenders

11 This Afternoon

Why wasn't this song already on the list it is obviously the best one on the whole album! It is such a happy song, just about having fun with your mates. - dragon13304

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