Best Songs from Nickelback's No Fixed Address

This list compiles the best songs from Nickelback's 2014 album, 'No Fixed Address'.

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1 Edge of a Revolution
2 What Are You Waiting For?
3 Satellite

I'm Addicted to this sone At the moment this song is wrapped around my finger it's just so beautiful!

Also Thank you for making this list - Curti2594

4 Million Miles an Hour

Most badass song I've heard in a long time! - Jetticus12

5 The Hammer's Coming Down

For me it's the best song from the newest album

6 Get 'em Up
7 Make Me Believe Again
8 She Keeps Me Up
9 Got Me Runnin' Round

Good song but the flo rida part sucks and just doesn't sound well

10 Sister Sin Sister Sin Sister Sin was an "old-school metal" band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band released four full-length albums, with the most recent Black Lotus released October 27, 2014. Sister Sin toured in Europe and North America with bands such as Slayer, King Diamond, Lordi and In This Moment before splitting in more.

Reminds me of red dead redemption... an amazing song!

Really great melody in this one

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Top Remixes

1. Edge of a Revolution
2. What Are You Waiting For?
1. Edge of a Revolution
2. What Are You Waiting For?
3. Satellite
1. Edge of a Revolution
2. Million Miles an Hour
3. What Are You Waiting For?



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