Rocking With Regret: No Fixed Address By Nickelback

christangrant Let First start off by saying i don't hate Nickelback they actually do have some pretty good songs in their discogarphy and i do think they are the most overhated music artist of all time yes above Justin Bieber because Nickelback makes good music unlike Justin Bieber. Anyway this album on the other hand is their worst and is my least favorite from them why well let's get on to this review to know why but first like i always do some facts.

No Fixed Address is the 8th studio album by Nickelback and was released on November 14th, 2014 through Republic records since the band had previously left their old label Roadrunner. This album features more poppy and EDM inspired songs more than their previous albums and as a result their aren't many Hard Rock songs on this album which i prefer their hard rock songs so yeah you can now see why this one is my least favorite but i'll go track by track to see how bad this album really is.

Million Miles An Hour:

This opening track is awesome it mixes the electronics with the Hard Rock riffs and it works pretty well and creates a fun Hard Electronic rock song and this song is one of the highlights of this album so overall a great start to this album.
Rating 10/10

Edge of a Revolution:

This song was the lead single and this song is another great song from the album in fact it's my personal favorite from this album because it's nice fun rebellious hard rock song so overall one of the other highlights from this album but sadly it only goes downhill from here.
Rating 10/10

What Are You Waiting For?:

So after two pretty good Hard Rock songs we get to what pretty much the rest of the songs are from this album Poppy rock songs that are very cliche and i'm not a big fan off now i like some of them like If Today Was Your Last Day from Dark Horse but the ones on this album are just boring and sound like they could be on any modern pop rock album and this song is just well alright it's not the best of this album but it's not the worst poppy song on this album either so overall this song is just alright but nothing special.
Rating 7/10

She Keeps Me Up:

And this song sounds like it came from a diffrent album because it sounds like any modern EDM song you would here on the radio and i'm not a fan of EDM so this song just annoys me because it's repetitive and boring so overall this is a bad song and sounds nothing like something a rock band would do.
Rating 5/10

Make Me Believe Again:

This song is way better than the last song because at least here it sounds like something Nickelback would so and not something a popular EDM artist would do and to be honest this song is actually pretty descent pop rock song but so far theirs only been two hard rock songs on the album i mean i don't hate all of their poppy songs but come on i want some more heavy stuff not pop stuff.
Rating 8/10


Now from one pop song to another and to be honest this song is ok but nothing special and this is why this album is my least favorite from Nickelback theirs barley any rock songs and both them are at the start of this album so after the first two songs the album just goes downhill.
Rating 8/10

Get 'Em Up:

Finally a song that sounds somewhat like a Hard Rock song but sadly it's not as good as the first two songs from this album but overall i would say this is the 3rd best song from this album it's just that it's a disappointing hard rock song.
Rating 8/10

The Hammer's Coming Down:

Oh boy another poppy song from this album *sigh* not much to really say but it's just a mediocre pop rock song that's nothing special.
Rating 6/10

Miss You:

And again another poppy song on this album i mean come on i get that their would usually be one or two poppy songs from a Nickelback album but on this album almost the whole album is pop rock songs and theirs only 3 hard rock songs on this album. This song is again just another mediocre pop rock song that's nothing special and is just boring.
Rating 6/10

Got Me Runnin' Round (featuring Flo Rida):

Now on to the song i absolutely despise from this album this in my opinion is the worst thing Nickelback has ever done because this song is just annoying as hell and is another song that sounds nothing like something a Rock band would do but that's not even the worst part about this song oh no it's the featured guest of this song that makes me hate this even more. Flo Rida is someone i despise in the music industry his voice is annoying his songs are annoying and overplayed as hell and plus he made a song called "Whistle" which was about Oral Sex and it hit number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 which means KIDS were singing about you guessed it Oral Sex ugh so disgusting and oh yeah his part of this song sucks and is the worst part of this atrocious song. So overall screw this song.
Rating 3/10

Sister Sin:

Thank god we are finally on the last song because this album is such a disappointment and how does this album end after the worst song Nickelback ever made? Well it ends on a somewhat country inspired rock song kinda like This Afternoon from Dark Horse and this song well is just ok not really that bad but anything is better than the song before it so overall this song is alright.
Rating 7/10

so now that we got this album's songs done let's add up the scores:


10(x2) + 8(x3) + 7(x2) +6(x2) + 5 + 3 = 78 - 10 = 68

Album Rating 68/100

while it's not the worst thing i have ever heard it's such a disappointing album for me because only 3 of the songs on this album are hard rock and one of them isn't even full on Hard Rock and so this album mostly consists of poppy songs that are just boring and nothing special and overall make it the worst thing Nickelback has ever done. Anyway that's the end of this review leave a comment if you wish and have a good day.


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