Best Songs Nicki Minaj Has Collaborated On


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1 Monster - Kanye West

Would you guys give him her a break please? I don't like Nicki Minaj but please did you guys know that whoever made this list is suicidal so please just go somewhere else with your opinion or write it into a notebook - JaysTop10List

Er verse sucked the most

Idiot Nicki fans, can't handle the truth. It seems to be more than one hating jackass. You're just a butthurt Nicki fan who can't handle the truth. GET A LIFE ASS WIPE.

Thanks jay. I only used to be though. But then I found nicki... ❤️ - SammMinajj

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2 Dance (A$$) - Big Sean

Her degrading and praising her fake butt making us look bad because we don't have one ugly one like hers, is lowdownish

3 I'm Out - Ciara

Umm... Am I the only one who thinks this person has nothing better to do but hate? - SammMinajj

Um how do you know if it's just one person, dumbass.

Look who's talking. No one likes Nicki fans.

Good song, until this ass ruined it

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4 Lay It Down - Lil Wayne

Bad song already, she made it worse

Really no bitch I'm Madonna - Princesssmooth

5 ***Flawless (Remix) - Beyoncé

The original was better.

Lil Kim's was better

6 Bottoms Up - Trey Songz

She turned this one into trash

7 Low - Juicy J

It was boring till Nicki's verse. - SammMinajj

She is an idiot. Stfu

Her idiocy and lack of IQ to write good verses butchered this.

8 No Love (Remix) - August Alsina

Bad because of this moron

9 Make Me Proud - Drake

He ruined it with her loser voice

10 Out of My Mind - B.o.B

Look who's talking. You hate a hater makes you a hater. Jack ass hypocrites.

No one likes Nicki fans

Just stop. Right now. No one like a hater - SammMinajj

She ruined this one

The Contenders

11 No Broken Hearts - Bebe Rexha
12 Bang Bang - Jessie J
13 Letting Go - Sean Kingston
14 Hello, Good Morning - Diddy

I'm sorry you that you think suicide is the answer. How you are you doing now? I guess people hate her, but you're lowering yourselves to their level. You said you hate Lil Kim, so if you can't handle the fact that people hate Nicki, then you shouldn't hate on artists. You are a Lil Kim hater. That's fine, it's your list, you can hate all you want, but don't be mean. If people will hate on Lil Kim, then people can hate on Nicki. Peace. And suicide isn't funny, you've got a life to live so please don't end it so quickly, whatever is bothering you, don't let it get to you.

Hey who's hiding behind the computer? You are. Coward.

Why don't you f of and get a life? Or kill yourself, and we win! Anyone who thinks suicide is the answer is retarded. It's their fault, for being an ass, laugh out loud

By the way, I didn't make this list for haters like the person who had nothing to do besides sit behind a computer screen ruining the image. STFU. - SammMinajj

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15 Get Like Me - Nelly
16 Hey Mama - David Guetta
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