Best Songs On Nightwish's Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Vote for the best song on the new Nightwish album: Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

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1 The Greatest Show on Earth

This should have been titled "The Greatest Song on Earth". Tuomas' masterpiece.

My favorite song along with "Yours is an empty hope", "Weak Fantasy", "Shudder Before The Beautiful", "Our Decades in the Sun", and "Elan".

24 minutes of great storytelling, varying tempos, differently structured sections, spoken word. Although the last 5 minutes is a bit too long it's still my favorite from the album and post-Tarja NW.

2 Shudder Before the Beautiful

Best solo, vocals and everything! Everything that Nightwish has to offer is here!

3 Èlan

I strongly believe that 'Elan' is the song with the best lyrics and the best song of the album. Edema Ruh has also attractive lyrics, but I prefer Elan, it's more beautiful and overwhelming without being pompous.

4 Yours Is an Empty Hope

I love how Floor growls in this song and I love how Marco screams th is! a mazing!

5 Edema Ruh

Edema Ruh has this soft melody, but still epic!

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6 Alpenglow

A song about life and our inevitable death that manages to be simultaneously uplifting and melancholic. It's a beautiful song and showcases Floor's versatility nicely. Up there with their best.

7 Weak Fantasy

Awesome song

8 My Walden

Its amazing how well this fits when playing sid meier's civilization v :I

9 Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Lyrics on this one are cringe worthy, "Greet a blade of grass" weakest song on the album in my opinion. - TheRiceKing

10 Our Decades in the Sun

My personal favourite along with Alpenglow.

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11 Sagan

Its sad how few people listen to this master peace of a song and almost no one knows that it has a lyrics version

12 The Eyes of Sharbat Gula

This really brings out the whole them of the album very well, it is a very beautiful instrumental.

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1. The Greatest Show on Earth
2. Shudder Before the Beautiful
3. Alpenglow
1. The Greatest Show on Earth
2. Shudder Before the Beautiful
3. Weak Fantasy
1. Shudder Before the Beautiful
2. Èlan
3. The Greatest Show on Earth

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