Best Songs on Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile

The Top Ten

1 We're in This Together

One of the best songs I have ever heard

This may be a popular choice, but this song is just amazing. In my top 10.

2 Somewhat Damaged


3 The Great Below
4 The Day the World Went Away
5 The Fragile

This and the wretched needs to be higher - FLIPMODE

6 Just Like You Imagined
7 Starf******, Inc.
8 The Wretched
9 The Big Come Down
10 Into the Void

The Contenders

11 Please
12 The Way Out is Through
13 Where is Everybody?
14 Pilgrimage
15 Complication
16 I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally

Such an underrated song... - CabadePartyhunter

17 No, You Don't
18 La Mer
19 Even Deeper
20 The Mark Has Been Made
21 Underneath It All
22 10 Miles High
23 Ripe (With Decay)
24 The Frail
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