Best Songs On Nine Inch Nails's With Teeth

The Top Ten

1 The Hand that Feeds

I don't want to be the guy who only picks the singles as his favrourites, but this song is AMAZING!

2 Every Day is Exactly the Same
3 Right Where It Belongs

Touching, contains the same emotional punch as Hurt does, yet not quite the same, rather than regretting one's being, this one questions it, but here Trent isn't questioning just his own existence, but yours, everyone's. Breath-taking.

4 Only
5 All the Love in the World

Amazing song, Top 3 material.

6 Sunspots
7 With Teeth
8 Beside You in Time
9 Getting Smaller
10 The Collector

The Contenders

11 The Line Begins to Blur
12 You Know What You Are?

Pure aggresion

13 Love is Not Enough
14 Home
15 Right Where It Belongs V2
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