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1 Anthem of the Lonely

Anthem Of The Lonely is a truly brilliant and inspirational song. This whole album is brilliant and this is the leading song of it. The entire song is tremendous, with a strong atmosphere, fantastic melody (particularly in those special choruses), and a brilliant structure with great lyrics. All the elements of the song work together brilliantly to create such a great song. This is the song I first heard by Nine Lashes, and remains my favourite by them to this day, and I can't see that ever changing. If I had a band, this would be the style of our debut studio album.

Write It Down also needs a mention too, because it is a brilliant songs as well, and is also underrated and should have been released as a single.
Afterglow is another special song of the album, with the first released version being on their first studio album and then remade for this album. I think this version is possibly even better, and both are great special songs. Memo is also a fantastic song with ...more - EvilAngel

You listen to this, all frustration and stress disappears and a new fire appears within.

2 Write It Down
3 The Void
4 Afterglow
5 Memo
6 Get Back
7 Our Darkest Day
8 The Intervention
9 Adrenaline
10 Believe Your Eyes

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11 My Friend
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1. Anthem of the Lonely
2. Write It Down
3. Memo
1. The Void
2. Believe Your Eyes
3. Anthem of the Lonely
1. The Void
2. Anthem of the Lonely
3. Our Darkest Day

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