Best Songs from Ninja Sex Party's Strawberries and Cream Album

This is the ranking of the second NSP album. It is extremely similar to the first, but that isn't a bad thing when dealing with this group.

The Top Ten

1 Fyi I Wanna F Your A

The lyrics in this song are genius. I love the constant wordplay that occurs in the song, and the song is great musically as well. The use of acronyms makes for an extremely clever, yet still funny piece of music - kempokid

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2 Unicorn Wizard

Another one of the NSP songs that basically everyone hears of when first listening to the band. The lyrics go from hilarious to wonderfully surreal at the drop of a hat, and its amazing to Dan singing about being amazing when its clearly Ninja Brian doing all the work - kempokid

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3 Next to You

This is the song I feel closest copies the ridiculous nature of Objects Of Desire, they both share similarities as both songs include Dan disgusting people with his actions. This one is less ridiculous, but still keeps its amazing sense of comedy. - kempokid

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4 The Ultimate Sandwich

The amount of power put into every note in this song is the main reason why I love it so much. The other reason is the way it misleads you at the start by making you think the song is going to be one gigantic innuendo. When the song reaches halfway, you realise the disturbing nature of Dan's feelings towards the sandwich and then start laughing at what is easily the greatest moment of the album. - kempokid

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5 Best Friends Forever!

A fun upbeat song about Ninja Brian murdering all of Dan's friends and not listening to him. A conceptually great song that is very upbeat and cheerful, adding juxtaposition to a song that is about all of Dan's friends being killed - kempokid

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6 Everybody Shut Up (I Have an Erection)

Sometimes being repetitive is a great thing, as it can get a point through very easily. This is the case here as we learn how everyone apparently has to stop doing everything every time Dan gets an erection, which according to the song happens 87 times a day - kempokid

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7 Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma

The musical style of the song is very different to the rest of the album, in this song Dan is rapping (I guess? ) in a near whisper. This makes the chorus section of the song even more amazing when it goes back to the full energy of NSP. The song's title also makes me think of Flight of the Conchords with their song " Hiphopapotamus vs Rhymenocerous. - kempokid

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8 The Sacred Chalice Pt. 1

The sheer badassery of this song is why it love it despite the jokes which are few and far between. If you changed the lyrics, the song sounds like it could come right out of a fantasy movie. - kempokid

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9 Let's Get This Terrible Party Started

The only mediocre song on the album. The musical style simply doesn't work for me at all. The premise for the song is something I can get behind however. - kempokid

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10 Symphony in P Minor

A 15 second song that I won't say what the joke is. All I will say is that it made me uncontrollably laugh the first time I heard it. - kempokid

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