Top Ten Songs from Northlane's Alien

Here's the brand new Northlane album, ready for listening.

The Top Ten

1 Vultures
2 Bloodline
3 Talking Heads
4 Sleepless

Absolutely beast and underrated. I love everything about it. It’s Northlane but with news twists and atmosphere. It’s beautiful.

5 Rift

One of my favorite Northlane tracks cos it’s so different. They do electronic music better than most electronic artists! Also, it flows so well into Paradigm!

6 Jinn

Heavy and sick! Love this track.

7 Freefall

Another amazing track off of this awesome album.

8 Eclipse
9 4D

My initial favorite off the album and is still one of the best.

10 Paradigm

Just like Veridian off Mesmer, it’s such an amazing track. The most underrated off the album. One of my favs!

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