Top Ten Songs from Not So Serious TV Shows that Actually Sound Surprisingly Good Musically

Even though some may have silly lyrics, these songs are musically very good, which sometimes makes us listen to them outside of the series.

The Top Ten

Everything Changes - Pokémon Everything Changes - Pokémon Cover Art

This should be used for Smash bros

If it wasn't for the sound snippet from the T.V. series, this is one of the most lyrically meaningful, best sung and catchiest pop songs I have ever heard. It is about how everything changes over time and how this is a process we can not control or stop.
Whoever created the westernized version of the Pokémon soundtrack (the Japanese version uses COMPLETELY different songs) is a pop music genius and should have used each of the songs on the soundtrack for a good singer's solo album.
Some would need alternative lyrics, but some, like this one, work in their finished forms.
Only the dialog samples from the show kinda kill the mood - Martin_Canine

Sweet Victory - SpongeBob SquarePants Sweet Victory - SpongeBob SquarePants Cover Art

Why is most of these pokemon - myusernameisthis

Double Trouble - Pokémon Double Trouble - Pokémon Cover Art
Noble Indian Chief - Family Guy
Ripped Pants - SpongeBob SquarePants
My Best Friend - Pokémon
Catdog Theme Song - Catdog
Extreme Dinosaurs Theme Song - Extreme Dinosaurs
Killer Tofu - Doug Killer Tofu - Doug Cover Art

This song is awesome!

A stone cold jam! - RobertWisdom

Pokemon World - Pokemon Pokemon World - Pokemon Cover Art

The Contenders

We Need a Hero - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
King Arthur Theme - King Arthur and the Knights of Justice
Black Chick's Tongue - Drawn Together Black Chick's Tongue - Drawn Together Cover Art
Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit - How I Met Your Mother Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit - How I Met Your Mother Cover Art
2B a Master - Pokemon 2B a Master - Pokemon Cover Art
Together Forever - Pokémon Together Forever - Pokémon Cover Art

This could have perfectly fitted for an M2M album. - Martin_Canine

The Time Has Come - Pokémon The Time Has Come - Pokémon Cover Art
Cowboy Cookie - Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
La-La-Labia - Drawn Together La-La-Labia - Drawn Together Cover Art
Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montana Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montana Cover Art
Danny Phantom Theme Song - Danny Phantom
Goofy Goober Rock - SpongeBob SquarePants Goofy Goober Rock - SpongeBob SquarePants Cover Art
Lisa's Sax - The Simpsons
Cash and Cary - The Simpsons
I Found a Way - Drake and Josh I Found a Way - Drake and Josh Cover Art
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