Top 10 Songs Not Sung by Lead Singers

These are some songs where the lead singers didn't do lead vocals. However they may have done backing vocals or few vocal parts. But the majority of the song was sung by other member.

The Top Ten

1 (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Great list. It's another proof that zxm is one of the several users who make original music lists - lists that take deeper music knowledge and probably some research to be made. - Metal_Treasure

2 Long Away - Queen

Sung by Brian May. Don't know if he ever took vocal lessons. But he does great in this song. - zxm

3 Can't You See - The Marshall Tucker Band

Doug Gray is a very good singer. But unfortunately/fortunately their biggest hit was sung by their lead guitarist Toy Caldwell. - zxm

The beginning of this song is second to none. - DMZABO

4 Hijack My Heart - Queen

A great song of Queen sung by Roger Taylor. - zxm

5 Beth - Kiss

For me the singing wasn't very good. But it became famous. - zxm

6 King of the Kill - Annihilator

Written and entirely sung by guitarist Jeff Waters. One of their most liked songs of the 90s. - Metal_Treasure

7 No You Don't - The Sweet

Lead vocals by the bassist Steve Priest. One of my favorite songs by this band.
Steve Priest really can sing if you ask me. He sang on many songs and he sounds great even on the live videos I watched. - Metal_Treasure

8 Remember a Day - Pink Floyd

Sung by Richard Wright. Roger, David and Barrett were their regular singer. But here Richard sings. - zxm

9 Death of a Clown - The Kinks
10 Happy - The Rolling Stones

Keef! - DMZABO

The Contenders

11 Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll - Queen

A song written and sung by drummer Roger Taylor in 1973.
He sings it very good - he's even better than some lead singers for other bands in that era. It's a very obscure Queen song on their debut album - a short but very fast song. And with pretty heavy sections in the context of the early 70s. - Metal_Treasure

12 21 - Annihilator

It was written and entirely sung by guitarist Jeff Waters. - Metal_Treasure

13 Stormrider - Iced Earth

Guitarist Jon Schaffer in lead vox - Metal_Treasure

14 Before They Make Me Run - The Rolling Stones

Not on top. Cause even though Keith Richard's not a regular vocalist of the band. But he did lead vocals on some songs. - zxm

Keef! - DMZABO

15 Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd

This is sung by Wright too. He has a nice voice - BrianScott01

16 14 Years - Guns N Roses

Sung by Izzy Stradlin. Axl Rose has some singing parts. That's why its not on top. - zxm

17 Hands of Time - Primal Fear

A ballad by a metal band - it is sung by the bassist and the two guitarists. The lead vocalist sings only 2 short lines - "Time is running, time is running out. Time is running and takes the time away".
I guess this song was a vocal experiment but the guys sang it good. However, when the lead singer starts singing his 2 lines, you know who's the lead singer and why. - Metal_Treasure

18 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire - Queens of the Stone Age

Sung by the bassist Nick Oliveri

19 F.O.D. - Green Day

Sung by the drummer Tre Cool

20 Words are Weapons - D12
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1. (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
2. King of the Kill - Annihilator
3. No You Don't - The Sweet
1. (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
2. Beth - Kiss
3. Long Away - Queen



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