Best Songs From Oasis' Definitely Maybe

The best tracks from Oasis' debut album, Definitely Maybe.

The Top Ten

1 Live Forever Live Forever Cover Art

One of the greatest songs of all time!

Definitely (Maybe) the best song on the album. The whole list here seems pretty accurate!

By far the best song!

2 Supersonic Supersonic Cover Art
3 Slide Away Slide Away Cover Art
4 Cigarettes & Alcohol Cigarettes & Alcohol Cover Art

Favourite oasis song

5 Rock 'n' Roll Star Rock 'n' Roll Star Cover Art
6 Columbia Columbia Cover Art
7 Shakermaker
8 Married With Children Married With Children Cover Art
9 Up In the Sky Up In the Sky Cover Art
10 Bring It On Down Bring It On Down Cover Art


The Contenders

11 Digsy's Dinner Digsy's Dinner Cover Art

Short and sweet. And believe me, this song is sweet.

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