Best Songs On Obscura’s Akróasis

Akróasis is the fourth album by German death metal band Obscura, released in Feb 2016.
Subgenres: Progressive death metal, Technical death metal

The Top Ten Best Songs On Obscura’s Akróasis

1 Weltseele
2 Akroasis

Best technical death metal song of 2016. - Caleb9000

Akróasis means "a hearing or lecture" in ancient greek.
Available on youtube:
Obscura - "Akroasis" Bass Playthrough - Linus Klausenitzer
Obscura "Akroasis" full ONE TAKE playthrough (by Tom Geldschläger aka Tom Fountainhead, who played lead guitar on the album Akroasis) - Metal_Treasure

3 Ten Sepiroth

Loved the instrumentation here ---these guys are masters of technicalities. The growling in their music might turn some people off or those who are just getting into this genre, but overtime you'll end up loving it once you start looking beyond the vocals and appreciate the other key elements of music - Arhaan95

I couldn't agree more. Technical death metal is about virtuosity of playing the instruments and not about vocals/lyrics at all. - Metal_Treasure

Find these vids on youtube:
Obscura | Ten Sepiroth - Official Guitar Playthrough by Steffen Kummerer & Rafael Trujillo
Obscura | Ten Sepiroth - Drum Playthrough by Sebastian Lanser
Obscura - "Ten Sepiroth" Bass Playthrough by Linus Klausenitzer
(They use only the instrumental tracks for these videos and it's a great chance to pay attention to the music of their instrumental tracks - it's awesome.) - Metal_Treasure

4 Perpetual Infinity

This is available on youtube:
Obscura | Perpetual Infinity - Official Guitar Playthrough by Rafael Trujillo - Metal_Treasure

5 Ode to the Sun

Available on YT:
OBSCURA | "Ode to the Sun" - Official Guitar Playthrough by Steffen Kummerer - Metal_Treasure

6 Sermon of the Seven Suns
7 The Monist
8 Fractal Dimension
9 The Origin of Primal Expression
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