Best Songs Off Falling In Reverse's Fashionably Late

The 2013 release of 'Fashionably Late' by the post-hardcore band, Falling in Reverse, has received a lot of hate, personally, I think it's a great album and they've matured a whole lot since their debut album "The Drug in Me is You".

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1 Champion

Champion starts out with heavy guitars, thrashing drums, and Ronnie screaming, which then leads into a pop-punk chorus. After the second chorus, the metalcore song turns into Ronnie rapping, which isn't bad sounding at all, but to an old fan of Escape the Fate, I can understand why they wouldn't like the rap too much.

2 Born to Lead
3 Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone begins with the chorus of the song. It almost seems like it would be a pop or pop rock song at first, but it goes into a bad-ass guitar riff along with Ronnie screaming. Ronnie also raps in this song, and then it goes to dub-step, and he screams whilst the dub-step is playing. It shouldn't work, but it does.

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4 Self-Destruct Personality

Self-Destruct Personality has the same concept as champion; screaming, amazing guitar, drum, and bass work, and a rap verse. The thing that differentiates this song the most from champion is that he scream raps at the end of the song, a style I hadn't heard before, it sounded great.

5 Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late is a straight up punk-pop song. There is no screaming and the song is pretty much about sex. It's pretty good.

6 Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On may be the most mellow song on the album. It has a positive message, and there is no screamo. Ronnie sings over the piano, violin, and drums. There is guitar during the chorus and during the end. This song is what makes you feel for Ronnie.

7 F*** the Rest

There is a real Blink-182 vibe to this song. It begins with Ronnie's dog, Charlie, barking over the guitar, until Ronnie shoes him away. This song is pop-punk for most of the song, there is one screamo line, which in my opinion, doesn't really fit with the theme of the song. This song is excellent.

My friend loves this song and if he likes then I like so this song is amazing

8 It's Over When It's Over

This song begins with a hip-hop beat which repeats itself throughout most of the song. This song meshes Ronnie's rapping with the theme of the song the best, although he is singing most of the time. Instrumentally, this is one of their lightest songs, but it's fast paced and lyrically well-written.

Falling in reverse's best song are when they're being serious it's like we had fun now let's get down to business, this song has so much feel in it

9 Game Over

I love the concept of this song. I would consider it Nintendo-core and pop rock. He sings about how life is like a video game. It's pretty cheesy, but I love it. It has an 8-bit beat, and a rocky chorus.

10 Alone

Really, 12th... there are only 14 songs on this album. This song is my favourite on the album and it is brilliant.

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11 Bad Girls Club

Pure pop punk

12 Goddamn

My favorite song!

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13 Drifter
14 Where Have You Been
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