Top Ten Songs Off of Sabrina Carpenter's "Evolution"


The Top Ten

1 Thumbs
2 Don't Want It Back

This should be 2 right after Feels Like Loneliness - sabrinafan

3 On Purpose

This song was the one to convinced me that she was an amazing artist ♥ Meeting Sabrina was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me ♥

4 Run and Hide
5 Space

This should be 3 - sabrinafan

6 Feels Like Loneliness

I'm obsessed with this song! Sabrina Rules! This is my #1 favorite! And it's EVOLution not Evolution - sabrinafan

I posted the list as EVOlution but the top ten website people changed it! :/ I also put the words "2nd album" but they deleted that part as well! - ListElla

7 Shadows

It should be on number 1. The song is so emotional and have so much meaning. The song has so much of her beautiful high notes

Such a good song! I get emotional whenever I here it - Rsatilano345

Because it's okay to be afraid.

8 No Words

And this should be 10 - sabrinafan

9 All We Have is Love

This should be 4 - sabrinafan

10 Mirage

Should be in this spot #9 - sabrinafan

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1. Feels Like Loneliness
2. Don't Want It Back
3. Space
1. Run and Hide
2. Thumbs
3. No Words
1. On Purpose
2. Don't Want It Back
3. Space


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