Best Songs from One Direction's Four

One Direction has stormed the charts around the world yet again with their new album called 'Four' released on 17th November 2014. But which songs are the best from the album?

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1 Steal My Girl

Right up there with One Direction's best like What Makes You Beautiful and Live While we're Young.

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2 Stockholm Syndrome

! What can be more AMAZAYN than this: 1D added this song to set list! This is the proof that this is the best song of 1D. Believe me, please vote for this song!
Crystal Fame🎤

3 18

The chorus flings your heart into new heights of absolute euphoria!
One of the best by One Direction! This and Steal My Girl are undisputed bests of this album!
18 is more happy, but Steal My Girl is better for singing along.

My favorite song

4 Act My Age
5 Night Changes

I can never ever get bored listening to this song... The video is Totally splendid.. One of the best videos so far.. Please vote!

I love this song so much! And like always Zayn is looking absolutely hot!

6 Girl Almighty

This song is was my 1st 1d song after I became their fan and now I am a big fan of 1D just because of this song

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7 Clouds
8 No Control

Why this song isn't in top 3... It's the best one of 1D...
Please please vote for this song!
Love you always Zayn
Crystal Fame🎤

9 Fireproof
10 Ready to Run

The Contenders

11 Fool's Gold

That song is beautiful and chillaxing to listen to! Their voices are like pure glittering lightweight gold pouring down my comfortable ears! ( XXX LOVE YOU ALL 1D!

12 Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Best song in Four

13 Once In a Lifetime
14 Change Your Ticket
15 Spaces
16 Illusion

Check 'Demi Faith' YouTube Channel for Official Video

17 Heart Attack

One of the best song from 1D

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