Best Songs From One Direction's Take Me Home

The Top Ten

1 I Would I Would Cover Art

I love this song. Except that Zayn Malik is in it.

The king of other song in it's album

I love dis song

This is true!

2 Live While Were Young Live While Were Young Cover Art

9? Really? This is the best

Love this song. It deserves to be number one!

Oh please why is this song on no.8 it should be number 1... It simply is the best 1d song ever but its rated so low in this list please vote for this song... Its awesome!

3 Over Again Over Again Cover Art
4 C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon Cover Art
5 Kiss You Kiss You Cover Art

This is great. Harry Styles is so talented, Zayn Malik is a total blowhard and so full of his stupid self [I HATE ZAYN] Louis is talented but swears too much, Liam is great, Niall is so funny and did I mention I hate Zayn?

6 Rock Me Rock Me Cover Art


7 Back for You Back for You Cover Art

Love it how they're talking about their girlfriends /and/ fiancee

8 They Don't Know About Us They Don't Know About Us Cover Art

Why is this 8? It's SO FREAKING GOOD!

9 Little Things Little Things Cover Art

So romantic and lovley! WHy is this #9?

It's really romantic <3
I listen to it all over the time

10 Summer Love Summer Love Cover Art

This song is the best song for me

The Contenders

11 Last First Kiss Last First Kiss Cover Art
12 Change My Mind Change My Mind Cover Art
13 Nobody Compares Nobody Compares Cover Art

This is the4 best song on the album vote for this song

14 Heart Attack Heart Attack Cover Art

L-O-V-E is what I feel for this song

15 Magic
16 Irresistible
17 Truly Madly Deeply
18 She's Not Afraid She's Not Afraid Cover Art


19 Still the One Still the One Cover Art
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