Best Songs From Opeth's Blackwater Park


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1 Blackwater Park

1. Blackwater Park
2. The Leper Affinity
3. Harvest
4. The Drappery Falls
5. Bleak
6. Dirge For November
7. The Funeral Portrait
8. Patterns in the Ivy

Masterpiece, from beginning to end. - BekoT.

There's something wrong with you if you don't like the kickass riffs

It's just a kickass riff after a kickass riff

1. Blackwater Park
2. The Drapery Falls
3. The Leper Affinity
4.The Funeral Portrait
5. Harvest
6. Bleak
7. Dirge For November
8. Patterns In The Ivy

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2 Bleak

Starts off brutal then the rest is very peaceful

The Best - Glauberson

Dirge For November
Leper Affinity
The Drapery Falls
Blackwater Park
Patterns In The Ivy
Funeral Portrait

Although it's irrelevant, because they're all perfect to me

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3 The Drapery Falls

Surprised this isn't #1...

Too low, should be ahead of Harvest and The Leper Affinity. The clean vocals are outstanding, best on the album. The guitars bring such an eerie, Gothic kind of vibe, with a surprisingly uplifting after taste.

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4 Harvest

1. Harvest
2. Dirge for November
3. Blackwater Park
4. Bleak
5. The Leper Affinity
6. The Drapery Falls
7. The Funeral Portrait
8. Patterns in the Ivy

1. Harvest
2. Blackwater Park
3. The Drapery Falls
4. Dirge for November
5. Bleak
6. The Leper Affinity
7. The Funeral Portrait
8. Still Day Beneath the Sun
9. Patterns in the Ivy II
10. Patterns in the Ivy - Derrick_Fox

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5 The Leper Affinity

Ausome song. The riffs ausome but can't top blackwater park. A great intro to a great album

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6 Dirge for November

Such an amazing song and my favorite off BWP...I really adore that guitar section immediately after the intro... - Arhaan95

Such a simple and beautiful intro/outro. It completely contrasts the brutal death metal roots of the album, yet never once does it feel out of place. Gorgeous.

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7 The Funeral Portrait

Doesn't deserve last place. It deserves at least 4th or 5th place. - IronSabbathPriest

Amazing and very underrated

It�'s fun, because it�'s at the last on the list and still being a masterpiece. Blackwater Park, one of the best albums ever.

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8 Patterns In the Ivy

Yah it isn't simply the lowest because it is a short instrumental. Still very nice, and basically a prelude to the song Blackwater Park. Honestly the album is just one long masterpiece of a song.

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9 Still Day Beneath the Sun
10 Patterns In the Ivy II
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1. Blackwater Park
2. The Drapery Falls
3. Bleak
1. Blackwater Park
2. The Funeral Portrait
3. The Drapery Falls
1. Blackwater Park
2. Bleak
3. The Drapery Falls

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Album Review no.14: Blackwater Park - Opeth

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