Best Songs From Opeth's In Cauda Venenum

The Top Ten

1 Dignity

The best by far! - slipperyjack30

2 Heart in Hand

This list is currently up months before the album is supposed to come out. This is an obfuscation of the truth and a cheap grab at publicity. - Gamefreak23788

I know from experience that re-remixing a list does not hold as much weight as the original posting. Also, there is no point of making a ranking list, if you do not know what the items compose of. To me, that seems pretty reasonable. - Gamefreak23788

3 Lovelorn Crime
4 The Garroter
5 Charlatan
6 Universal Truth
7 Continuum
8 Next of Kin
9 Garden of Earthly Delights
10 All Things Will Pass
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