Best Songs On Opeth's My Arms Your Hearse

The Top Ten

1 Demons of the Fall Demons of the Fall Cover Art

1. Demons of the Fall
2. When
3. April Ethereal
4. The Amen Corner
5. Credence
6. Karma
7. Epilogue
8. Madrigal - BekoT.

2 April Ethereal April Ethereal Cover Art
3 When When Cover Art
4 The Amen Corner The Amen Corner Cover Art
5 Karma Karma Cover Art
6 Epilogue Epilogue Cover Art

A beautiful ending to a beautiful album! - IronSabbathPriest

7 Credence Credence Cover Art
8 Madrigal Madrigal Cover Art
9 Circle of the Tyrants Circle of the Tyrants Cover Art
10 Remember Tomorrow Remember Tomorrow Cover Art

A bonus track and a really good cover - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Prologue Prologue Cover Art
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