Best Songs on Opeth's Sorceress

The Top Ten

Strange Brew Strange Brew Cover Art
Sorceress Sorceress Cover Art

1. Sorceress
2. Will O The Wisp
3. Era
4. Chrysalis
5. Strange Brew
6. The Wilde Flowers
7. Spring McMlxxiv
8. The Ward
9. The Sevent Sojourn
10. A Fleeting Glance
11. Sorceress 2 - BekoT.

Chrysalis Chrysalis Cover Art
The Wilde Flowers

Probably the best guitar solo of the year - TheStargazer

Will O the Wisp Will O the Wisp Cover Art
Era Era Cover Art
Spring McMlxxiv Spring McMlxxiv Cover Art
A Fleeting Glance A Fleeting Glance Cover Art
The Seventh Sojourn The Seventh Sojourn Cover Art
Sorceress 2 Sorceress 2 Cover Art

Love this little interlude. - IronSabbathPriest

The Contenders

Persephone Persephone Cover Art
The Ward The Ward Cover Art
Persephone (Slight Return) Persephone (Slight Return) Cover Art
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