Best Songs from Overkill's the Killing Kind

The Killing Kind is the 8th studio album by American thrash metal band Overkill. It was recorded from Spetember to October 1995 and was at the Carriage House Studio, Stamford, Connecticut in the United States. It was released on March 5th, 1995. In 1995, both guitarists Rob Cannavino and Merritt Gant decided to leave Overkill. Overkill then hired Joe Comeau, former singer of the band Liege Lord (now playing guitar). Comeau brought along former Anvil guitarist Sebastian Marino, with whom he had worked with in the past. The new line up recorded The Killing Kind in 1996 It was self-produced and mixed by Chris Tsangarides ( Judas Priest, Helloween). While staying well within the thrash genre, the album was a departure from its predecessor's more traditional thrash metal style and featured many modern elements, such as hardcore, while vocally some influences were drawn from outside the rock and metal genres. Since Comeau was also a singer, backing vocals on The Killing Kind and subsequent albums were more elaborate and frequent than before, adding another new element to the band's sound.

Genres: Thrash Metal, Groove Metal


D.D. Verni – Bass

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth – Vocals

Joe Comeau – Guitars, Vocals

Sebastian Marino – Guitars

Tim Mallare – Drums Details

Overkill - producer

The Top Ten

1 God-Like
2 Battle
3 Burn You Down/To Ashes
4 Cold, Hard Fact
5 The Morning After/Private Bleeding
6 Feeding Frenzy
7 The Cleansing
8 Bold Face Pagan Stomp
9 Let Me Shut That for You
10 Certifiable
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