Best Songs From Owl City's Maybe I'm Dreaming

Maybe I'm Dreaming, the album he launched before becoming famous, is wonderful. I hope you enjoy choosing your favorite song from the album.

The Top Ten

1 Air Traffic Air Traffic
2 Early Birdie Early Birdie

Amazing song. First single ever from Adam Young's Owl City. Unforgettable. A clear example of colourful music. - keyson

3 The Technicolor Phase The Technicolor Phase

This song was so great it appeared in Alice in wonderland movie soundtrack. Amazing song after listening to it a couple of times. - keyson

4 Rainbow Veins Rainbow Veins

Great song name. Great music. Great ideas. - keyson

5 On the Wing On the Wing

Also in Ocean Eyes, this song has outstanding synth creations and is a great song as well, though it may become a little redundant. - keyson

6 West Coast Friendship West Coast Friendship

Nice song. Nice idea. "I must be in california" - keyson

7 This Is the Future This Is the Future

My alarm clock is set with this song. Great song, as well. - keyson

8 Super Honeymoon Super Honeymoon

Cute synth and harmony. - keyson

9 The Saltwater Room The Saltwater Room

Also in Ocean Eyes, this song is really calm and beautiful with Breanne Duren's collaboration. It tends to be boring, but it is really nice if you want to sleep, like many of the songs Adam wrote in the first stages of Owl City's growth. - keyson

10 I'll Meet You There I'll Meet You There

Nice song. A little boring, as most of the whole album, but it has really nice music. - keyson

The Contenders

11 Dear Vienna Dear Vienna
12 Sky Diver Sky Diver
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