Pain of Salvation's In the Passing Light of Day: Album Review

And a good day to you TopTenners! For those who don't know, I am a huge fan of Progressive Rock and Metal music. They're is something about the endless creativity you can have with these genres that is just attracting. And as a big fan of the genres, I have a few bands I love to keep an eye out for new releases. In today's review, I will discuss the new release of Pain of Salvation, In the Passing Light of Day.

In the Passing Light of Day was released January 13, 2017. To give a brief history of Pain of Salvation, they are a Progressive Rock/Metal band that formed in 1984 under the name Reality. It was founded by frontman, and main songwriter, Daniel Gildenlöw, when he was only 11 years old. They didn't release a full album until 1997, with the release of Entropia. They had already changed their name to Pain of Salvation by then. On 2002, they released their breakthrough album Remedy Lane. They became a huge hit in the Progressive Rock/Metal scene. In their later albums, they grew less and less aggressive and more cleaner and soft. Becoming distant to what they were before. It was at that moment, fans of the band were worried. When In the Passing Light of Day was announced, the band stated it would be much heavier with their previous releases and that the concept would be more personal.

Speaking of the concept of this album, this album has very dreading message all along the album. And that is none other than facing death. Throughout the record, themes of love, death, politics and relationships are blended to give one big theme of seeing beyond the light of day, accepting your fate and facing life's harsh reality.

The Analysis:
From the first song on, you see that the band is not messing around when they said this album would be much heavier than their previous works. The opening riff on the intro track, On a Tuesday, is enough to get any Metalhead’s attention. It blasts a low-tuned, frantic guitar riff which soon gets punished with a phenomenal drum beat from drummer, Léo Margarit. This album screams clear and high quality production. Listening to this album with some good speakers or headsets is a definite must.

Then with Tongue of God and Meaningless we get an excellent showcase of Daniel Gildenlöw’s vocal ability. Throughout this album he succumbs to many ranges of his vocal abilities, and his performance on it all is absolutely perfect. Never have I heard a singer, in today’s rock and metal scene, with such versatile and captivating vocal ability, than Gildenlöw’s performance on this album.

Full Throttle Tribe is a real highlight on the album. It is over 9 minutes, but it keeps you listening without ever losing some interest. The lyrics tell a story of an outcast who is set to not accept what the world has for him and instead tries to make everything for himself, but when he realizes that this only separates him from what he loves, it turns him cold and bitter. He starts to feel even more lost and lonely, asking others “will you follow me?”. The song has a brutal finale that crushes everything you just heard to a terrorizing meltdown. Resembling the final outcome of the story, death.

Reasons has a very heavy and bassy riff, that resembles a similar style to early KoRn, actually. Of course it’s in an odd time signature and sounds more polished. The best part about the song is when Daniel screams about the “reasons”. It’s never clear what the reasons are for but it leaves you feeling the anger in Gildenlöw’s voice.

Another incredible song on the album is If This is the End. It opens up with just Gildenlöw and melancholic acoustic picking. The lyrics, alongside of the emotion Gildenlöw puts into the song, is enough to make you want to cry. The song perfectly sets a mood and atmosphere just in the beginning lines.

Tell me my friend
If this is the end
For once do we
Make amends

Then we get to the final track, The Passing Light of Day. The song is over 15 minutes, and it is one of the best 15 minutes of a song I have heard. The lyrics detail the final moments of a man who is lying on his deathbed. He sings about the times of his past and how he met his lover. He looks back on everything in his life, and regrets the decisions he made.

We're all burning out, fading away
Like the passing light of day
We are watching the colors turning grey
In the passing light of day

The whole emotion throughout the song is dread. It leaves us wondering, do we want to regret our life’s choices when reliving our last moments. Is it worth wishing you could’ve done more as your last thoughts? The song itself leaves a very somber idea while it unfolds to the 15 minute masterpiece it is. The whole concept is depressing but at the same time, motivating. Doing the best we can, and being happy in the end, is what we all want.

And that's what I find this album is trying to tell us. That we shouldn't be what's afraid to come and that we should be open to all possibilities. Life is one long trip, and living it, only to remember stuff that you wish you could've done, is something we as humans should never go through. We all make mistakes, we all make disagreements but we all have one fate as well. When I listen to this album, it comes to me that I should feel more open and accepting of myself and others. Life isn't about getting through it all as fast as you can but instead to slow down and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Final Thoughts:
Pain of Salvation is a new band for me. I started listening to Remedy Lane a couple months back and soon the band started becoming one of my favorites to listen to. This was a band that opened my eyes to the world, and helped find more of myself that I didn't think I had. When I heard they released a new album this year, I had to check it out. And with all my thoughts finally written, it is safe to say that I love this album. It is probably going to be one of my favorite albums of 2017, no doubt. I've been listening to it non stop.

Favorite Songs: On a Tuesday, Full Throttle Tribe, Reasons, The Passing Light of Day, Meaningless, Tongue of God, If This is the End, Angels of Broken Things.

My final rating to this album is a 9/10 (Go listen to it. I highly recommend it, especially for rock and metal fans.)

I hope you enjoyed this review. Whenever an album comes out that I'm interested in listening to, I'll be sure to give a quick review of it, just to see if it is worth a recommendation. Thank you for checking this review out, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Nice review. Pain of Salvation are one of the most underrated bands on the planet. - visitor