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1 La Devotee

So catchy! Love the vibe it gives off and you can easily run a marathon to this song!

LA devotee is maybe the most despised song on this whole album, but I like it. It's a very upbeat song and does have great lyrics. However, that music video is just disturbing in every way.

This is actually my favorite song on the album I'm not a huge fan but I've heard a few others and this is my favorite

This is definitely one of their best. It's really catchy and amazing!

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2 Death of a Bachelor

The flow of the notes and YEAH! Seriously this song is legit amazing

At first I was like, seriously? Is this what panic is turning into? But later I gave it another try and now I'm obsessed with this song.

Its amazing

For me a tie with golden days

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3 Emperor's New Clothes

I love this song. It's dark, broody and just pure awesome. Keep it up, Panic!

His song is so epic with good beats. - DynastiNoble

I Loved the song. Loved it. - AnonymousChick

This song is epic

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4 Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time

I absolutely adore every single song on the album! Damn, it was so hard to choose one! But don't threaten me with a good time is definitely one of my favorites. Its AWESOME, alive, and energetic!
"I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt, but I make these high heels work."
Hell yeah you do!

AH the energy in this song is incredible! And who doesn't want to see Beebo making his high heels work?

Christ. It's so great. Just going out there and partying. No deeper meaning or metaphor because there doesn't have to be. Just a good time.

This one is the best

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5 Victorious

My favorite for sure!

I love this song! What a top hit! - DynastiNoble

This is my all time favorite song

The Best! - mood333

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6 House of Memories

Such a good song. Full of meaning, and his voice manages to be sweet and down-toned at the same time. Purely amazing.

I'm honestly ashamed how many people have not listened to this song. I feel like this beautiful song is ran over by other songs like Victorious or LA Devotee (not saying those songs are bad) but House of Memories is just a loveable song all around

It's so different and endearing, I just love every millisecond of this song!

To be honest, I'd vote for impossible year, but this is good too.

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7 Crazy=Genius

It's so catchy and I love it! This album is pretty good but I prefer vices and virtues.

I love this song because this is me and a lot of my friends. THANK YOU BRENDON URIE!

This song is absolutely amazing! It's upbeat, got a great message and is just a bit strange. Love this song!

Jungle Book drums make a perfect song

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8 Golden Days


Oh my, this song is so pretty. It has a nostalgic feel, and it is so reminiscent. So good. - emomusic

It might sound simple on the surface, but once you listen closely, it's a really meaningful song about nostalgia with a unique beat.


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9 The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty

But... This song is better than LA Devotee...

I should've picked this one, I like it a bit more than House of Memories. - aieesa

I love this A LOT better than LA Devotee.. This is my favourite song from the album, honestly. - Mela

This song is so underrated.

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10 Hallelujah


it lifts my spirits whenever I hear it!

"And the time of being sad is over." Very catchy song and sure to lift your spirits up - Jonerman

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11 Impossible Year

Just 'cause Ryden, listen to the last four verses.

Easily the best song on the album

Why is this not higher? It's such a beautiful song and makes me cry every time. It is sung so passionately it actually makes me feel sympathy towards our poor Beebo

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1. House of Memories
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1. Golden Days
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