Best Songs From Panic! At the Disco's Pretty. Odd.

This album is great, quite a change from "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". Which song is your favorite? Vote now!

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1 Northern Downpour

"I know the worlds a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home" absolute genius song Ryan did well and brendon and the rest of their vocals were amazing best panic song

I personally think this is one of Panic! 's best songs. I love the lyrics, the beat, everything! This song is absolutely beautiful and never fails to make me emotional. Definitely earned it's place as number one.

The lyrics in this are amazing:"... Diamonds to appear to be, just like broken glass to me." It's not like most of their songs but it fits well with the album and is a great song!

Although this song makes my emo-self cry internally, it is truly beautiful. Panic! is still so amazing but will never be the same without Ryan Ross. I honestly can't even listen to this album anymore without tearing up! I just wish Beebo had the courage to perform this song without Ryan...

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2 That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

"Things have changed for me, but that's okay... " I love this song so much!

Am I the only one who prefers this to nine in the afternoon?

This song changed me

Things are turning out to pretty ø∂∂

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3 Nine in the Afternoon

This is the only standout track from Pretty. Odd. Does that mean the rest of the album is bad? No; actually, I quite enjoy it. But it's one of those albums that insists on being listened to all the way through from start to finish, a) to maintain the integrity of the piece as a whole, and b) because none of the other songs really sound too different from each other...

Because it's nine in the afternoon and your eyes are the size of the moon I laugh every time not best patd song but the best one on pretty odd by far and the video is great the video is good for that green gentleman too great song great beat good job by Brendon urie radio hit and it's nine in the afternoon

Because its nine in the afternoon and your eyes are the size of the moon are panics best lyrics ever - gotavares

I would pick Northern Downpour, but it's already #1 and it makes me scream REE at the top of my lungs if it comes on unexpectedly

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4 Behind the Sea

I love Ryan's voice in this album! Before I was looking for a song with more Ryan and stumbled across this one. Brendan and Ryan's voices sound perfect together harmonically speaking and I just sit in my room all day listening to this album whenever I'm upset or depressed since it's so happy and light. Ryan's sweet voice mixed with Brendan's powerful manly voice is easily heard in all of the songs in this album and this is- in my opinion, the unbeaten number 1 album made by Panic! At the Disco; though every album put out has been awesome and never disappoints me. Though I love the bright harmonic feel of this album I still love the awesome darker songs put out too. I hope that Panic! Continues to put out the music I know and love (even if it's just Beebo now).

I love this song because Ryan Ross sings for a change, and he sounds great! This song reminds of the Beatles and I also love it for that reason!

Ryan's voice is so soothing and beautiful, and the lyrics are so well written. At his song deserves to be #1!

Connected deeply with the lyrics, One thing I loved about this album was the diversity and classical feel, though I was never for songs that focus on love or romance, this one is abstract with its delivery.

The choice to have Ryan take the lead on this one was good, though I am not glorifying this song just because of that fact. - Chairlord_Redeia

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5 She Had the World

This is my favorite song I found it today and can't stop researching it and listening too it. "I don't love you I'm just passing the time, you could love me if I knew how to lie" these lyrics are absolutely beautiful let's get it to 3rd place

This song is amazing! I'm surprised that it isn't at least in the top five.
The harmonies, the string instruments and the overall catchy tune all make this song sound really beautiful. If you haven't heard this already, please go listen to it. I'm not really a big fan of this album or its style, but this song is so good.

But this song is so beautiful! Should be higher!

When I look at her eyes I just see the sky

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6 Do You Know What I'm Seeing?

This one is by far my favourite why only 3%

7 Pas de Cheval

What this is by far the best song ;d

Nice and fast pace... very fun

8 Mad As Rabbits

I love this song! Brendon and Ryan sing beautiful duets like this. I also love the orchestration and theatrics in this song. I mostly love how they sing with such feeling, as if it saves their lives. My all time favorite line is "We must reinvent love"

The Live in Chicago version is AMAZING.

So good

This song is pretty. underrrated.

9 When the Day Met the Night

This song just makes me smile and still has this upbeat backing sound to it that always get me rocking side to side, love it, should be higher

May be bias because I am obsessed with space and the night, but it's truly such a beautiful song.

Makes me smile every time I hear it, how can you not love it?

I feel like Ryan was trying to tell us something with this song... (cough Ryden is real and the government knows it cough)

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10 She's a Handsome Woman

So underrated

Agree with above

I mean below

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11 From a Mountain In the Middle of the Cabins

The lyrics of this song are so eloquent. They speak of a relationship gone sour. Some of my favorite lines are: "Watch love get tangled by the kite's cold strings." "Go spin circles for me, round relentlessly around the words we used to sling. Oh, such torturous things, always chewing up the only ones I ever mean."

Wow, is this really last? Probably my favorite track in this album and the only one that doesn't get tiring over time. Nine in the afternoon gets boring real quick to be honest.

If more people were to listen to this gorgeous song, I assure you it would be higher. It's my absolute favorite song on the album. - aieesa

This song is SO. GOOD.

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12 We're So Starving
13 The Piano Knows Something I Don't

This song is so good! I'm surprised it wasn't higher on the list ;.(

My favourite! It's perfect

14 Folkin' Around

This is honestly my favorite song from Pretty. Odd.

This song is short, but really amazing.

This deserves to be at like 10 or higher

"Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two"
"If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep, then I'm putting out the lantern find your own way back home"
Awesome lyrics! This song is so relaxing and under rated. My favourite on pretty odd

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15 I Have Friends In Holy Spaces

Why is this song disliked so much? I love the record-like quality of it. - awildzapdos

"Take a chance take your shoes off dance in the rain" definitely my favorite song

Kinda underrated. Love it. - UltimateCraig

Has to be higher!

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16 It's Almost Holloween


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1. Northern Downpour
2. That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
3. Nine in the Afternoon

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