Best Songs From Panic! At the Disco's Vices & Virtues

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1 Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)

This song is 100% deserving of the number 1 spot on this list and perhaps the number 1 best song of all time. The amount of creativity - both lyrically and sonically - makes it the best closing track to an album I have EVER heard, and the allusion to "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" - the first song on the album - brings a closure and finality beyond compare and perfectly wraps the album. Well done Panic.

The French is amazing, the kid choir is amazing, the chorus is amazing, everything in this song is amazing. Every time I hear that conductor while listening to this album, I smile because I know this song is about to destroy me.

Like someone said this song is way underrated. Its an amazing song and deserves more attention.

So good - awildzapdos

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2 The Ballad of Mona Lisa

I love this album more than I love myself

Set me on fire this song is good

Good music video as well

Best song ever

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3 The Calendar

Great lyrics, great sound and just an overall amazing song

This song should be#1

I like the part at 2:13. It’s awesome

4 Hurricane

Only 6 should be way higher great song and there's a wolf in the background too wolves beat that

This has a great catchy beat and I love the chorus, I just love this song

This along with Trade Mistakes are wonderful songs - rcj37

This is one of my favorite songs by Panic! on my favorite album. I just can't stop listening to it.

5 Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)

So catchy, flawlessly produced and beautifully sung. Always puts me in a good mood

11/10 should be first (and brendon's dad dancing at the start of the music video is life)


6 Let's Kill Tonight

I love this song the most! I just can't get it out of my head! "If I retreat. Words, wars, and symphonies. Make room we're taking over here. "

This song should be #1, catchy tune and epic lyricism, Oh My Word

This song hypes me up so much

Best ever

7 Memories

This song is so beautifully written and emotional

This song is so emotional!

So beautiful:0

"I love this song. It is so emotional." Cringeing

8 Trade Mistakes

Should be way higher. Love this song so much.

Brendon’s vocals in the chorus are so filled with emotion. The entire song shows off Brendon’s range I think.

9 Sarah Smiles

Aww this song was written about Brendon Urie's beautiful new wife Sarah! I'm so happy for them!

Flawless. No other words needed.

Yea you r right sarah is brendon wife she is very cute

This is my faveourite song on the whole album

10 Always

I love this song with my everything! I listen to it all day every day.

"I'm skin and bone, just a king and a rusty throne" always gets me :')


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11 Turn Off the Lights

Good so I like I think song is good good song I think like song is good good song I like

So good so good, "like the man I know I'm nottt"

12 Bittersweet

This song is very upbeat and I love Brendons voice!


This song is so good! It’s so catchy and is really sweet... well you can say it’s bittersweet. Anyways, it’s a song worth listening to!

13 Kaleidoscope Eyes

This song is so catchy and so beautifully sung and lyrically amazing. It's such a shame you can only find it on Youtube :( come on, people! This should be so much higher! REMEMBER THE EVIL LAUGH

14 Oh Glory (Demo)

WHAT? How has no one voted this?! This song is so much better than a lot of the others, it should be at least 5th, really.

Out of the deluxe songs on the album, this one and Turn Off the Lights are my favorite.

15 Stall Me

I love this song so so so so so much

Best patd song ever

Best patd song why tf is if at the bottom of this album list

In my opinion, the best song not only of Vices and Virtues but of all P! ATD

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16 I Wanna Be Free

Are you serious? 0.2% of people voted for this? This is the best song on the album!

Such a good song! I wish the bonus tracks were included on the album :(

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