Best Songs On Pantera's Far Beyond Driven

The Top Ten

1 I'm Broken


2 5 Minutes Alone
3 Becoming

Becoming is the one song off Far Beyond Driven that never left the set list. The crowd would go craziest for Becoming (more so than cfh or walk) every time I saw Pantera live. I think the live setting is the ultimate test of a bands greatness. The 7 songs guaranteed to hear live when you went to a pantera show in 2000s were cfh, walk, f****** hostile, this love, BECOMING, damn electric & revolution is my name.

4 Strength Beyond Strength

This has a piss riff in it and some lyrics of piss. that's SO COOL! It's cool when bands out parts of songs into other songs.

Makes me want to kick some ass

Best intro to a album evur

5 Shedding Skin

Very heavy and ausome but 5 min. Alone is the best

6 Slaughtered
7 Planet Caravan

A great cover from the Sabbath-Masterpiece!

8 Use My Third Arm

This song has the riff of piss ( a ausome pantera song not the real thing) in it its amazing

9 Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks


10 Throes of Rejection

This Song is criminally underrated! That Groove, that Chorus, that Solo, THAT BREAKDOWN. My favourite from FBD for sure.

The Contenders

11 The Badge
12 25 Years

On of the best dude

13. Good Friends
12. Throes Of Rejection
11. Slaughtered
10. The Badge
9. Hard Lines
8. Becoming
7. Shredding Skin
6. 25 Years
5. Planet Caravan
4. I'm Broken
3. Use My Third Arm
2. Strength Beyound Strength
1. 5 Min. Alone

13 Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills
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