UltraLunalaX album reviews: Far Beyond Driven by Pantera

Hey! This Kody here, your metal obsessed girl who has a cringey obsession over Pantera and Metallica and other metal bands. I haven't made any posts in a terribly long because I don't really make a lot of posts since I barley have any ideas whatsoever because I am too lazy lmao but now I am going to make my 2nd metal album review. I am going to review one of the heaviest metal albums of all time, Far beyond driven by Pantera. Just so you know, Far Beyond Driven is one of my favourite Pantera albums and its pretty underrated in my opinion. Its not as good as vulgar display of power and cowboys from hell, but its still a great album and probably their most heaviest album tied with The Great southern trendkill in my opinion. Just remember that this is my opinion! :P

Strength Beyond Strength:
This song is probably one of Pantera's heaviest songs. The solo for this song is absolutely amazing and so unique. The lyrics and the guitar solo are just so brutal, violent and heavy. This was a great start to a good album by Pantera in my opinion. 8/10

The intro for this song is so like Pantera. The main riffs for this song by Dimebag Darrell is completely epic! Also the drumming always makes me cant help but head bang to this song. This song was especially awesome on live. 8.5/10

5 minutes alone:
Now this is my favourite song from Far beyond driven and probably one of my favourite songs of all time. I literally cant listen to this song without head banging along to it. This song is extremely heavy and aggressive, but that's why I love it! The heavy riffs, the aggressive lyrics and pretty much everything about this song is so awesome! 10/10

I'm broken:
This is my 2nd favourite Pantera song from far beyond driven. Its just so epic! Dimebag Darrell was totally at one of his best in this song in my opinion. The guitars are so freaking awesome! Every time I listen to this song, I always get pumped up. Also the screams were epic in this song as well. 9.5/10

Good friends and a bottle of pills:
Even though I kind of like this song because of how heavy, aggressive and dark it is and it has great power to it, this is my least favourite song on this album and one of my least favourite Pantera songs. I still kind of like this song because I like how dark and edgy the lyrics are (I have no idea why I am used to terrible lyrics in metal music, I just don't really mind brutal, extreme and edgy lyrics to be honest because what are you going to expect in the most heaviest of metal music) but it is no where near as being good compared to the rest of the tracks. 5/10

Hard lines sunken cheeks:
This song is extremely underrated. The solo for this song is great and its a long but heavy song with one of my favourite Pantera solos of all time in my opinion. Its a pretty good and extremely underrated song on this track with a great solo throughout the song. 7.5/10

This song is great and one of the most heaviest songs on this album. This song probably stood out the most on this album. The riffs are so amazing and Phil's voice was really raw. This song is pretty underrated and its awesome. 8/10

25 years:
Another extremely underrated song by Pantera. The intro for this song is just plain sick and epic. I don't know why the intro always makes me want to head bang to this song. Such an underrated song, but not their best song on Far beyond driven. 7/10

Shedding skin:
This song is so heavy and the lyrics are really dark and edgy. The intro, the guitar riffs and the chorus is just so epic in my opinion. 8/10

Use my third arm:
Now this song is so underrated and one of the heaviest songs of this album and probably one of the most heaviest Pantera songs ever! Its so heavy, aggressive and yet extremely underrated. This is definitely one of my favourite Pantera songs in my opinion! 9/10

Throes of rejection:
Another underrated song by Pantera. The ending for this song is brutal and awesome, the solo is extremely killer and legendary and its really heavy as well. 8/10

Planet Caravan:
Usually I don't really like cover songs that much, but I think this is a good cover song of Black Sabbath's original song Planet Caravan. It isn't as heavy as the rest of the songs from the album and usually Pantera is a very heavy and aggressive band, but I like this song because its different from the others despite it being a cover song. Its a good ending to a really heavy and aggressive album and decided to end it with a nice, chilled out cover song. Its not as good as the rest of the songs on this album but its still a decent cover song and a nice ending to an extremely underrated and heavy album by Pantera. 7.5/10

Overall rating: 8.5/10. Its not as good as cowboys from hell and vulgar display of power but its still an underrated album and definitely their heaviest album yet by far tied with The Great southern trendkill. My favourite songs on the album are 5 minutes alone, I'm broken, Use my third arm and Slaughtered. Good friends and a bottle of pills isn't a good song, but the rest of the album is absolutely amazing in my opinion. I still prefer vulgar display of power, the great southern trendkill and cowboys from hell but still overall Far beyond driven is a decent album. Hope ya enjoy reading! ;)


Good review. - htoutlaws2012

Good review Kody. Dimebag and Phil are amazing in this album! - Userguy44

I agree. Such a shame that Dimebag died. R.i.p :'( - UltraLunalaX