Best Songs from Paramore's After Laughter

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1 Rose-Colored Boy

This song was the one that I loved the most when I first listened to the entire album - xxpizzasrlifexx

This song deserves a top 3 spot - xxpizzasrlifexx

Low key
No pressure
Just hang with me
and my weather...

Paramore is da bes

2 Fake Happy

How's this at 9? Fake Happy is the second best in the album, just after Rose Colored Boy - xxpizzasrlifexx

3 Hard Times
4 26

This album was one of their more melancholy ones, but this song actually sounded depressing. I felt it. Bravo, Paramore.

5 Idle Worship
6 Grudges

WHAT?!?! This is the best one from the album along with 26, Fake Happy, and Tell Me How! This one is so good! It should be in the top 3. - UltimateCraig

Why is this song so low? I think is the best one from the album with Caught In The Middle and Fake Happy

This should be no. 4 or something and this song is so underrated

I like how it sounds new and fresh compared to other songs.

7 Told You So
8 Forgiveness
9 Tell Me How

General comment: I think Paramore should make an acoustic version of this song where it's just Hayley singing over a piano.

10 Caught in the Middle

Sounds a bit like RHCP but with synthwave vibes. Love it - RandomPerson1234

The Contenders

11 Pool

This song is my favorite. So cute!

I'm voting for this because it is a love song and is one of the less pessimistic songs since it's more focused on a lovestruck person.

12 No Friend

How is No Friend number 4? - xxpizzasrlifexx

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1. Rose-Colored Boy
2. Idle Worship
3. Told You So
1. 26
2. Rose-Colored Boy
3. Fake Happy
1. Rose-Colored Boy
2. Fake Happy
3. Caught in the Middle

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