Best Songs From Pearl Jam's Album Backspacer

Backspacer is the ninth studio album by the American grunge band Pearl Jam, released on September 20, 2009.

The Top Ten Best Songs From Pearl Jam's Album Backspacer

1 Just Breathe

First song I learned to play on the guitar.

2 Unthought Known

This is one of the best songs of all time, it makes me feel great about myself, and no other song from this album is close to being one of my all time favorites. - Songsta41

One of the best Pearl Jam songs and the best one in this album by far - Quemero

3 Amongst the Waves

Best one on here by far, you could put this song on ten and it would be in the top 5

4 The Fixer
5 The End

A real heartfelt and moving song

6 Got Some
7 Force of Nature

Underrated song, they have to play it more often live, last time was 2010.

8 Speed of Sound
9 Johnny Guitar
10 Supersonic

The Contenders

11 Gonna See My Friend
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