Best Songs On Pearl Jam's Vitalogy

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1 Corduroy UListen to Sample
2 Better Man

Best song on the album. So much passion!

Love it. Love it. Love it.

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3 Immortality UListen to Sample
4 Nothingman UListen to Sample
5 Not for You UListen to Sample
6 Last Exit

Love this song!

Best one from vitalogy. 5/4 time gives an awesome effect. - Insignificance

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7 Tremor Christ UListen to Sample
8 Spin the Black Circle UListen to Sample
9 Whipping UListen to Sample
10 Satan's Bed UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Aye Davanita
12 Bugs

Bugs is easily #1. The rhythmic flow of the song is so incredibly impressive, that I assume that you all just overlooked this song entirely. If a site moderator is here I would like to see that this issue is addressed. This is actually disgraceful.

Better than stupid mop that song made me wanna kill myself couldn't even listen 1 second of it

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13 Pry, To UListen to Sample
14 Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me
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1. Immortality
2. Corduroy
3. Not for You
1. Corduroy
2. Better Man
3. Nothingman
1. Better Man
2. Nothingman
3. Tremor Christ

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