Best Songs From the Album 'Immersion' by Pendulum

The best songs from Immersion by the Drum and Bass band, Pendulum.

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1 Witchcraft

One of the most beautifully crafted songs ever. Pendulum have successfully made a hubrid that is a mix of Dnb and Rock!

I think this song has the best sound. Nice words also.
Self vs Self is is the secound best, I think.

A nice cool electro alternative rock song.

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2 Crush

Such a punchy beat. so awesome, Ends perfectly definitely the most amazing immersion song

This one is way better than Witchcraft - PureMayhem

The chorus is incredible, the synth complements the vocals really well and the guitar intro/outro is pretty cool too.

Definitely my favorite! Fast DnB break, Catchy tunes/melody, excellent vocals from Rob. This song is perfect! :DD

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3 Watercolour

I love its background keyboard & listening the whole day! Best song from pendulum!

4 Self versus Self (feat. In Flames)

In Flames are insane and their collaboration with Pendulum succeeded in marrying their two styles in a way so unbelievably seamlessly that it has become one of my all-time favourite songs.

The best mixture of heavy rock and drum beats.
Well for me, one of the best music of all time. That is the only thing I can sat about Self vs Self

Best song in the world! Awesome collaboration.

5 The Island

The Island is 9 minutes of awesome, off an amazing album. Immunize, Watercolour, Witchcraft and Vulture are also class

6 Set Me On Fire UListen to Sample
7 The Fountain

Amazing! Very deep and emotional. This is a huge highlight in Pendulum's discography and in this album. Its equal to Witchcraft, Watercolour, DANG! THIS IS SO UNDErrated! - Slipperyjack40

Amazing collaboration, brought from Steven Wilson of the legendary Porcupine Tree. - JamaicanBambi


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8 Comprachicos

It is like a mix of Nine Inch Nails and Celldweller.

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9 The Vulture

I think this is the best song in the world and of course it's my favourite song of Pendulum.

Awesome song and it sounds like The Prodigy's material.

So, so good. should be number 1 no contest

By far my favorite song pendulum has done as of yet. The mesh of rock with DnB is excelent.

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10 Encoder

This song reminds me synth-pop of 80th, but it is plus for the album. Really melodic and beautiful love-song that give excellent conclusion for Immersion. Bravisimo, Pendulum!

Not as impressive a finale as the Tempest or Axle Grinder, but better than Still Grey and still shows off as a brilliant piece of music. I was going to vote for Witchcraft obviously, but I did want to make this point

I can't stop listening to this song. It always calms me down so much. Amazing!

Just a cool relaxing song.

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The Contenders

11 Salt In the Wounds

Awesome song but sounds a lot like Pendulum's hit, Slam.

Such an intense song - classic drum and bass. Better than Slam!

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12 Under the Waves UListen to Sample
13 Immunize

Should be higher, why is it at the bottom, I hate you who ever made this list.

Come on it also features another badass dj, liam howlett from the prodigy

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14 Genesis UListen to Sample
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1. Witchcraft
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1. Witchcraft
2. Watercolour
3. Crush

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