Top 10 Songs People Call "Emo" that Aren't

These songs aren't emo and emo's a punk subgenre so eh.

The Top Ten

1 Numb - Linkin Park

Numb isn't emo, and Linkin Park isn't an emo song. Trust me, I love Linkin Park, but they aren't emo

There is nothing emo like about this song.

No offense, but pretty much every song on this list is extremely emo. - Brobusky

2 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

When people call this song "edgy" or emo it does get old.

Ita Gothic not Emo - christangrant

This is emo... - ProPanda

3 Pain - Three Days Grace

Not emo. It's about Drugs not emotions

Again this song does not qualify as emo.

Didn't really find it emo... - TwilightKitsune

4 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Um, My Chemical Romance is kind of the king of Emo music. Most of these songs on this list aren't emo, that is true. There's a difference between Emo and "edgy" that people seem to not understand. I think most people could agree that Linkin Park and Evanescence are not emo but have some edgy themes in their music. - cjWriter1997

This literally is the emo anthem... it's emo. My Chemical Romance is the most classic emo band, get it right. - emomusic

Not really all that emo like if anything I'm Not Okay is their only song that comes close to emo.

I like this song, and it's emo. No way around it. - Sop

5 Crawling - Linkin Park

I don't need to explain this one.

6 Welcome to My Life - Simple Plan

It's Pop-Punk not emo.

7 Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me) - Simple Plan

It might be a meme but it's not funny and it's not emo.

8 Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Emo is a subculture, not just a genre, most of these songs are enjoyed by the subculture but this song is enjoyed by pretty much everyone. - MrQuaz680

Jesus Christ, how many people have called me emo for liking Gorillas. How in hell is Gorillas emo?

9 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

Alternative Rock no where near Emo.

How is this emo? - TwilightKitsune

10 American Idiot - Green Day

Lol not emo AT ALL

The Newcomers

? Helena (So Long & Goodnight) - My Chemical Romance
? The Kill - Thirty Seconds to Mars

Not Emo or Poser Emo - Soulstealer

The Contenders

11 Blurry - Puddle of Mudd

Post-Grunge not emo at all.

12 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

There is nothing emo about this song.

13 Broken - Seether & Amy Lee

I think this one's self explantory.

14 Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots

Nah this is somewhat emo.

15 In the End - Linkin Park
16 Gives You Hell - The All American Rejects
17 Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots
18 Pity Party - Melanie Martinez
19 Cold - Crossfade

Song title explains it's self enough said.

20 My Immortal - Evanescence
21 Weightless - All Time Low
22 Misery Business - Paramore

I don't understand why many people think Paramore is an emo band, sure they had the look and they were popular back then in the "commercial emo" age, but that doesn't mean anything

Is nothing like their songs are trying to hard to be edgy or talk about depression or that kind of stuff

If you hear real emo bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday or Sunny Day Real State (the real kings of emo music, not My Chemical Romance) you will know their style and the Paramore style (and some other bands style) are very different

23 Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance

Also emo. My favorite My Chemical Romance song, though. - Sop

24 Paranoid Android - Radiohead
25 Suicide Club - Blood on the Dance Floor
26 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day
27 Holiday - Green Day
28 21 Guns - Green Day
29 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
30 Whatsername - Green Day
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