Best Songs Performed by Slayer at the 2015 Mayhem Festival

The Top Ten

1 Raining Blood Raining Blood Cover Art
2 Angel of Death Angel of Death Cover Art
3 Disciple Disciple Cover Art
4 War Ensemble War Ensemble Cover Art
5 Dead Skin Mask Dead Skin Mask Cover Art
6 South of Heaven South of Heaven Cover Art

Awesome - bobbythebrony

7 Repentless Repentless Cover Art
8 Hell Awaits Hell Awaits Cover Art
9 Chemical Warfare Chemical Warfare Cover Art
10 Implode Implode Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Mandatory Suicide Mandatory Suicide Cover Art
12 Hate Worldwide Hate Worldwide Cover Art
13 When the Stillness Comes When the Stillness Comes Cover Art
14 Jihad Jihad Cover Art
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