Top 10 Songs from Periphery's Juggernaut: Alpha

The Top Ten

1 Alpha
2 Rainbow Gravity

I think it is a fantastic song with a very strange and awesome guitar solo style

3 22 Faces
4 The Scourge

Put this track on if you are mad about something and you want to feel better

Its really depressing, but overall it is worthwhile to listen to

It has the most chilling vocals ever

5 Psychosphere
6 MK Ultra

They are the only band I have ever heard that can play death metal and elevator music in the same song. (let alone in less than two minutes)

Hey it gets my vote!


7 Heavy Heart

This should be higher

Best song on the album.
they really should have made the event a part of this song. that would be convenient because I have never listened to those songs separately.

8 A Black Minute

Our voices echo on a quiet night...

9 Four Lights

Seriously why are all the instrumental songs so low? I don't understand

10 The Event

I can't understand why someone who has heard this song would not like it

I want to see this one up there

It's mysterious and eerie, it is supposed to be the narrator dreaming about the atrocities he has to do during the day. it is a perfect transition from heavy heart, the song before it, that describes his thoughts before he goes to bed.
(by the way, if you have no idea what I am talking about it is on reddit so look it up)

The first time you hear it, it is strange, you are confused and creeped out,
3 plays later you are cranking it and you can't get enough

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