Top Ten Songs on Pierce the Veil's Misadventures


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1 Dive in

This song is just absolutely incredible the lyrics are deep the instrumentals hit hard the breakdown is incredible and honestly I think it is one of their greatest songs of all time, and easily the best on the album

This is a great song

"Now I wanna be the tattoo ink
That swims down through the needle in your skin
And I wish I was poisonous
Like a bottomless sound, like a violent drug
Do you remember the knife I kept?
The sharper it got, the more you wanted me to use it"
The instrumental, the lyrics, the vibe, everything about it is pure gold. It made me even more excited for the rest of the album since it's the opening track.

2 Floral and Fading

So beautiful and wonderful. I love how Vic wrote this for Danielle :)) Incredibly amazing song.

3 Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed
4 The Divine Zero
5 Texas is Forever
6 Bedless
7 Today I Saw the Whole World
8 Circles

This song is my favourite of Pierce the Veil... I love how it progresses in the beginning and then gets to the rock part.
This song is really amazing!

9 Gold Medal Ribbon

The best and most meaningful song on this album, but it is a tough choice, this album is the best and I think they really all should be #1

10 Sambuka

The Contenders

11 Song for Isabelle

This song means so much to me, especially the first few lines. Also the last part. I think it should be higher up for its meaning and just the song in general, it means a lot to me

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