Best Songs On Pink Floyd's The Final Cut

The Top Ten Best Songs On Pink Floyd's The Final Cut

1 Not Now John

One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs. - Metarock

It is the best song of the album

2 The Final Cut

One great song in one of the three best albums of the band!.

3 The Gunners Dream

Such meaning! I hope that the Gunner's Dream comes true some day.

4 One of the Few
5 Two Suns in the Sunset

Love this album. Not too sure what's too dislike. Anyways, Two Suns In the Sunset=Best Final Cut song! Followed by The Gunner's Dream, of course. - Donut

Top 3 is the only songs I like on this album my least favorite album but this is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs

I can never get enough of this beautiful song. - Doom

6 Your Possible Pasts

This song get's like no attention. should be top!

7 The Fletcher of the Memorial Home
8 The Fletcher Memorial Home
9 Paranoid Eyes
10 The Hero's Return

The Contenders

11 The Post War Dream
12 The Post War Dreams
13 Southampton Dock
14 When the Tigers Broke Free

This song sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it. Undoubtedly Roger Water's most personal song. - Doom

15 Get Your Filthy Hands of My Desert

Love this song. Nobody knows this “prog rock epic”.

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