Best Songs On Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason

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1 Dogs of War

It sounds a bit like Sweet Dreams, doesn't it? - Alkadikce

Great guitar and sax, don't know why it's so low.

The only good songs from the album

It’s such an amazing song, one which is really catchy and gets in your head. Reminds me a bit of In The Flesh and The Gunner’s Dream.

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2 On the Turning Away


My favorite song on the album by far

Outstanding guitar work and meaning. But there's a really neat twist to it. The outro of OtTA if you listen closely sounds an awful lot like What do You Want from Me. The person that would leave him alone in WdYWfm wouldn't "Turn Away" from him. The outro also sounds an awful lot like the marching hammers solo in the Wall. In Hey you which is where you first here it is about lonlyness. Pink has now finished his wall but he needs people to help him in life. No one can go without friends, so he is calling out to people to help him "carry the stone" of life. He can't do this however because the Wall has blocked his cries for help. So these people are "Turning Away." This is something Pink Floyd would do. Even though Roger Waters is gone, they are still as Pink Floyd as they ever were.

This song has a great underrated solo - christangrant

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3 Learning to Fly

Should be #1. - MrSnuffleupagus

Simple chord structure, great synthesizer and good soloing from Gilmour. It feels like a 70's floyd song. It's what showed they could do without Waters.

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4 Sorrow

Written and composed by Gilmour. The song was recorded by Gilmour and only Gilmour over a weekend. When Nick Mason came into the studio and heard it, it was basically already the song it is

This is my favorite song from a momentary lapse of reason, great lyrics, great instrumentation, and it's one of the songs which sounds the most like Pink Floyd on the album.

Love this... So much... Best of Momentary Lapse Of Reason

And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication And silent replies that swirl invitation Flow dark and troubled to an oily sea A grim intimation of what is to be
... - MaxPap

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5 One Slip

This is my second favorite, song on the album, just right after Sorrow.

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6 Terminal Frost

Why does everyone hate this album but I had to admit dogs of war and a new machine sucked but this is a good instrumental

I love this song. It's my second favorite Pink Floyd track (only to Coming Back to Life). The drumming is powerful, the guitar is amazing, and the part that starts at 2:24 IS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS IN ANY INSTRUMENTAL EVER.

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7 Yet Another Movie/round and Round

Yet Another Movie should definitely be higher. I love the atmosphere this song evokes, and the guitarwork is astounding. - fractaled45

Round and round is a catchy part

8 Signs of Life

One of the coolest Pink Floyd songs awesome start to the most underrated Floyd album and also an amazing name

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9 A New Machine, Pt. 1

I love how he says a lot of the words.
"Sometimes I get tired of the waiting."
''Do you ever get tired of being in here."
This is actually one of my favorites.

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10 A New Machine Part 2

I like thid better than part 1 because its shorter I ain't gotto listen to more crap

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11 Yet Another Movie

This song is about how you should live life while you can cause eventually you'll be to old to do anything about it. Sort of the same meaning as Time. Let's get Another Movie higher. Such a good meaning as well as music.

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1. Sorrow
2. On the Turning Away
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