Best Songs From Pitchshifter's Deviant

Deviant was 5th studio album by the UK industrial metal legends Pitchshifter. It was released in 2000 and it had the songs "Dead Battery" and "Hidden Agenda" as the single. There is another version of the album cover featuring people sitting on the table, all starring at a giant grenade that looks like a meal. This cover was made because Poland banned the album and even the band from performing in their country due to the offensive original cover depicting a cross of Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II (Pitchshifter and MCA Records later apologized). The booklet of the album includes a short "Rat Bastard" comic by The Huja Brothers, which features the band members as characters. Pitchshifter also performed on Ozzfest 2000 on second stage. Amazing album from start to finish

The Top Ten

1 Dead Battery
2 As Seen on TV
3 Condescension
4 Chump Change
5 Wafer Thin
6 Everything's F****d
7 Keep It Clean
8 Hidden Agenda
9 Forget the Facts
10 Stronger
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