Best Songs From Pitchshifter's PSI

PSI is the last studio album (hopefully they'll make more music in the future since they reunited in 2018) by the UK industrial metal band Pitchshifter, released in 2002. It had two singles, Shutdown, which is the only song on the album that had a video for it, and Eight Days. This album is their most 'rock' sounding album, having less electronica/industrial elements compared to their previous albums. The last track "Shen-an-doah" has a hidden track after a few minutes of silence called "Trancer". Every song on the album is fantastic.

The Top Ten

1 MyKind
2 Down
3 Stop Talking (So Loud)
4 Slip
5 Shutdown
6 Eight Days
7 Super Clean
8 Shen-An-Doah
9 Whatever
10 We Know
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